What is Mama’s kit?
It is a life saving kit used to incentivise expectant mother or pregnant women in a resource-limited community to attend antenatal care and deliver in a health facility. It is an all-in-one kit that contains everything needed to help provide a clean and safe delivery. In order to give birth in public health facility in Nigeria, you must purchase all the necessary supplies and bring them with you. If you do not have the supplies you will often be turned away. Many women cannot buy the supplies, so they do not seek medical care, which often leads to complications and even death of the mothers and babies.
A simple gift of a LONE STAR STERILE DELIVERY KIT (LONE STAR MAMA’S KIT) can allow the women to give birth in a primary health centre or government health facility. Research has shown that the gift of a mama’s kit can greatly reduce the number of women dying during childbirth

Content of Mama’s kit
1 Mucus Extractor
1 Scalpel blade or Razor blade
1 Bottle of methylated spirit/Chlorxy-G gel
1 Toilet soap
1 Sterilized pack of cotton wool
1 Bottle of olive oil
1 Bottle of Disinfectant
1 Facemask
1 Nurse cap
1 Urethral Catheter
1 Disposable polythene Bag (placenta bag)
2 Underpad (Delivery mat)
2 Pairs of surgical gloves
2 pairs of disposable gloves
2 cord clamps
2 diapers
6 pieces of gauze swabs
10 pieces of maternity pads
Immunization card
A Baby’s bag, Lone Star Mama’s kit comes with an additional incentive of A beautiful baby bag.
All of the supplies are sealed so that they remain sterile until needed.

Distribution methodology/usage

  • The MAMA’S KITS are distributed by the sponsor of the project to functional primary health centres or comprehensive health centre in the local government, the primary health care centre which is situated at the ward headquarters is expected to provide integrated service to over all PHC components, as it is the apex Health facility/Referral facility within the ward.
  • The Mama’s kit is handed over to the pregnant woman at 36weeks of gestation (pregnancy) after having a record of a minimum of four antenatal visits.
  • The pregnant woman brings the Mama’s kits to the health facility during labour.
  • The contents are used to conduct the delivery by skilled health professional.
    After delivery, the Baby’s Bag is handed back to the mother with the immunization card.

Monitoring and Evaluation
A Ward Health Development Committee (WHDC) should be set up to ensure compliance and efficient and effective implementation of the project toward achievement of reduction in maternal mortality,
Ward is regarded as the closest component to the citizens of a given community that enables citizens participate fully in government activities that affect them under the administrative figure of a Councillor.
The ward Health Development committee (WHDC) exist at the ward level making it an important management structure in the delivery of Health Services and other developmental activities within the ward.

      The WHDC draws its membership from all community areas in the ward, members include the
    • Traditional/Religious leaders
    • Women and youth groups
    • Professional associations
    • Cooperative societies
    • Other influential members of the ward.

A minimum of 20 people and at least 40% of its members are women one whom must hold an effective position.

Why Lone Star Mama’s kit?
Lone Star Mama’s Kit is one the Africa’s best sterile delivery kit in terms of quality with a new innovation of coming with a beautiful branded baby’s bag. We discovered a disconnect of communities with the health system where government celebrates the construction of new health centres rather than the utilization rates to those health centres. Lone Star Mama’s kit plays a multi roles, it helps in increasing the utilization of health centres thereby reducing the prevalent high maternal mortality rate as it incentivise pregnant women toward attending antenatal care and delivering in health centres. The branded baby’s bag can also be used as a campaign material by politicians and for advertisement by corporate bodies and companies, also as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To this end, therefore we at Lone Star Global Consult Ltd. Wish to thank you most sincerely for partnering with us in ensuring that no woman dies as a result of child birth or pregnancy related condition.