• Preparatory or Consultation Services
      Lone Star Global Consult Ltd will assign a dedicated Client Care Coordinator (CCC) to clients, who will be responsible for initial discussion and arrangements for medical travel from the home country to destination country
    • Understand the clients requirements
    • Assist in identifying the right hospital based on his/her medical requirements and budget
    • Arrange for discussion with the doctor who will be performing the procedure by audio or video conference call
    • Arrange for necessary Pre-treatment tests to be done in the home country if possible
    • Secure transfer of all medical records to the hospital (using our hosted server)
    • Provide complete information on the process of medical treatment, duration of stay (before and after treatment), accommodation, travel and tourism

    Visa, Travel, Accommodation Services
    The dedicated Client Care Coordinator will also serve as the single point of contact for travel related services from the home country to destination country

    • Provide information on the process and paperwork required for Medical Visa
    • Assist in obtaining a VISA request letter from hospital to process Medical VISA and obtain Visa (subject to embassy approval) in their home country
    • Provide assistance with booking of air tickets and other necessary travel arrangements
    • Arrange for Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Foreign exchange as well as with any other information or assistance a client may require related to travel.

    Arrival Services
    Lone Star Global Consult Ltd will assign a dedicated Client Services Coordinator (CSC) to clients who will be the single point of contact throughout their stay and medical treatment period in the destination country

    • Welcome the client in Airport and arrange for transfer to hospital/hotels
    • Pick up services through our authorized ground transportation service providers
    • Ambulance services arranged – In case of critically ill customers
    • Provide mobile and communication services
    • Arrange comfortable accommodation to clients companion/attenders traveling along with the client

    Medical Treatment Services

    • Client Service Coordinator will be present at the hospital at the time of hospitalization and discharge, thus ensuring smooth processing and a hassle-free admission/discharge
    • Provide complete information on the Pre & Post treatment procedures
    • Assist in scheduling appointments with Doctor for onsite consultation
    • Arrange for OPD consultation and assist in necessary Pre-treatment procedures
    • Provide complete assistance during hospitalization process
    • Regular visit during clients hospital stay to ensure comfort and address any concerns
    • Continuous follow up with doctors and hospitals regarding the treatment process and health status
    • Arrange Concierge and Language interpretation services
    • Support during post treatment and recovery stages

    Tourism Services

        • Provide information on tourism or vacation packages for relaxation, interesting places to visit and rejuvenation in the destination country
        • Assist in arranging all services required for the tourism package selected by the client

    Serve as an assisting guide throughout the tour

    Follow Up Services

        • Lone Star Global Consult Ltd Service Centre Manager will obtain from the treating hospital and provide details of the procedure and all required documentation required for effective follow up.
        • They will arrange all necessary documents required before departure from destination country and ensure a smooth and safe travel back to their home country
        • Lone Star Global Consult Ltd Service Centre Manager will periodically follow up with client on their health status after reaching home country. If required by client’s personal physician they will coordinate with the treating hospital to obtain details if required.

    To ensure a consistent and quality delivery of services, we have dedicated software which tracks the entire process and gives a dashboard for the customer to understand his present status:

    In essence, Lone Star Global Consult Ltd will be “with you from discovery to complete recovery”</li>